GEWACO FZE is the premier organizations in the field of water treatment. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading supplier in all kinds of water and waste water treatment plants and marketing distributors of the most important worldwide producers. We partner with market’s key players in order to provide only high quality products. 

About us

GENERAL WATER COMPANY “GEWACO” has been working in the water sector since our beginning in 1990, being a reference for Engineering tasks and Equipment supplier.

Our team of experts has a high level of engineering competence and a great wealth of professional experience. For more than thirty years we have been developing tailor-made solutions for complex water projects. 

These include projects related to all aspects of municipal and industrial water treatment and desalination, such as:     
• Sea water, brackish water desalination pre-engineered and pre-assembled units. (R.O) 
• Industrial water treatment plants 
• DM water units, Ion Exchange Systems, Mixed-bed polishers, CEDI units 
• Condensate polishing units 
• Ultra filtration system 
• Pretreatment systems such as lime-softening, Coagulation-Flocculation, Sea DAF, Clarifiers and different type of filtration systems 
• Water Reuse & Industries wastewater and effluent treatment units 
• Municipal and Sanitary wastewater treatment plants by MBR technology. 
• Reverse osmosis desalination plants incl. retrofitting and energy efficiency optimization. 

Service & Products


  • Feasibility Studies, Economic Studies
  • Optimization Studies, Rehabilitation Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Detail Design, Process Engineering
  • 3D Simulations, Stress Analysis
  • Construction Design, Turn-key Agreement Contracts 
  • Energy audit 
  • Operational expenditure asses 
  • Tendering, Analysis and Evaluation of Proposals
  • Contract Drafting 
  • Project Management, Construction Supervision 
  • Material Requisition; Procurement & Follow-up 
  • Start-up and Initial Operation 
  • Maintenance Instruction, Operation Instruction 
  • Staff Training 
  • Environmental Studies

Equipment Supply

  • Intake and outfall Equipment
  • Pre-treatment (May include Sand Filtration, Carbon Filtration, Micron Filtration, Softening, DAF systems, Ultrafiltration plants, etc.,)
  • Different types of cartridge Filter housings and elements
  • High Pressure Pump and Energy Recovery Devices (ERD)
  • Membrane Assembly (Reverse Osmosis Skid), Pressure Vessels, membrane elements, HP and LP piping, valves, couplings and connectors, etc.
  • Ion Exchange plants and supply of different types of resins.
  • pH Adjustment systems and consumables
  • Disinfection
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • ZLD Plants with highest efficiency and quality

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